"The Augusta's Creed"

"The Augusta's Creed"
Published in 1935 by Dave and Aline Bisagno

I am the new Augusta Theatre. Today I stand before you with doors flung wide awaiting your visit and your approval.

Embodying the spirit of Progress, which has ever marked the life of Augusta, Kansas. I have come to take my place alongside and among her beautiful churches, her magnificent schools and her wonderful commercial institutions as well as among her heritage of splendid citizens, that I may do the work for which I was created and contribute my full share to the betterment of the life of this community.

I have come to answer your demands for the highest expression of the artistic in the spoken cinema and stage, to give to your sons and daughters and all people who enter my portals the sort of entertainment that will satisfy, and satisfying, leave its impress for permanent good upon the hearts and minds of all who enter my portals.

Here amid the softened glow of lights, surrounded by luxurious appointments of refinement and elegance and enthralled by the rippling echoes of matchlessly reproduced music, you will find screen and stage entertainment of the highest type presented with such careful attention to detail as to leave nothing to be hoped for: all molded into an inspiring setting for happy hours of enchanting entertainment.

Courteous attendants will look after your every want. Every safeguard known to modern architecture has been thrown about you that your comfort may be enriched by sincere sense of peace and safety within my walls.

Like yourself I was born with a heart and soul. I am an enterprise brought to life through the genius of those with the urge to do greater and better things. My mission is to cheer and entertain all those who pass my way, to lift from the shoulders of mankind the burdens of the day's trials and the passing years, and to make fuller and sweeter the anticipation of each coming hour of life.

I am the Augusta Theatre, the show place of Augusta.