Theatre Prices

The Augusta Historic Theatre makes every attempt to keep prices reasonable and affordable for your entire family!
We would love to have you, your friends, and your family join us for a movie.

Our current pricing is as follows:

Movie Tickets: $6.00 per person ($8.00 for 3D movies)
Ages 2 and under are FREE

Drinks - We proudly serve Coca Cola products in our concession stand.
Small = $2.00
Medium = $3.00
Large = $4.00 and includes ONE Free Refill during the movie
Bottled Water = $2.00/bottle
Cup of Water = $1.00/any size

Popcorn - Popped FRESH before every movie (no extra charge for butter or seasonings)
Box = $2.00
Small = $3.00
Medium = $4.00
Large = $5.00

Candy - We have a wide variety of candy to satisfy your sweet tooth and our candy selections are only $1.50 for regular size and $2.00 for King Size

Specials - We have several specials to make your night at the movies more affordable
Manager's Special - One small drink, One box of popcorn, and One regular size candy of your choice = $5.00
Dave & Aline - Two medium drinks and One large popcorn = $10.00